Deluxe34 Lap Steel Stand
Clinesmith lap steel on Deluxe34

If you have a beautiful classic lap steel or a classy modern design you’ll want a stand that looks as good as your steel.

The Deluxe34

Over the years we’ve heard of drilling out lap steels to adapt them to leg sockets or leaving your lap steel unattended on those vintage tripod stands of the 1930s that may tip over. Don’t damage your vintage Richenbacher, Fender Stringmaster, Fender Champ, Gibson Ultratone, Gibson Console Grande or original Bigsby lap steel. Cradle it in a Deluxe34 Lap Steel stand.

Designers and craftsmen of fine guitars such as Clinesmith Resophonic Guitars and Georgeboards recommend Deluxe34 to their customers as an option to attaching legs to their steel.

Steel Guitarist Mike Neer uses a Deluxe34 lap steel stand in his instructional videos.