Deluxe34 Lap Steel Stand
Mark Roeder with an assortment of instruments and the Deluxe34

About the Deluxe34

I've been playing fiddle and mandolin for 35 years in various musical endeavors. When I turned fifty, I figured it was a good time to learn a new instrument. Little did I know that taking up non-pedal steel guitar would turn into such a joy and obsession! It fascinates me to no end.

I began to play my steels out with my partner in a country trio and needed to play lap steel standing up in order to switch between instruments. It took me a few years to come up with a design that I was satisfied with, held up to the rigors of the road and looked good on stage.

The process for improvement of the Deluxe34 is on-going. It keeps it interesting for me and gets you a better stand.

Come hear the Kristy Larson Honky Tonk Trio if you are in the area and we can talk stands, steel guitar or those old masters of the instrument.

Keep on steelin'


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