Deluxe34 Lap Steel Stand

Stand Options

Ergonomically comfortable angled brackets improve site and sound while allowing your audience to see more of what you're doing to get those amazing sounds.

Each bracket style is faced with rubber to protect your steels finish and hold it firmly on the stand.

angled bracketsAngle your brackets so your audience can see what you're playing.

$30.00 extra


customized brackets

Customized brackets are priced per request since it would be hard to say what an idea may cost. Just about anything is possible!

resonator neckAdd a resonator neck to support your stand. Makes up for the difference in thickness of the body and the neck.




Leg Substitutions

chrome on alloy or stainless steel leg substitutions

Chrome on Alloy
3 leg add $30.00 or 4 leg add $40.00

Stainless Steel
3 leg add $60.00 or 4 leg add $80.00


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